Saturday, 2 November 2013

Free sunglasses, lamp and lamb


If you are from Turkey just click HERE and HERE, and submit a photo in each contest. Done!!

If you are from anywhere else you HAVE TO use a manual proxy, otherwise there is no way to get it.

(If you do not know how to use manual proxies click

Try one of these:

IP: Port: 8080
IP: Port: 8080
IP: Port: 8080
IP: Port: 8080
IP: Port: 80
IP: Port: 3128 

After setting the proxy go here:
Log in to your account and now go here:

and then go here:

Submit a photo in each contest. Done!!
Get rid of the manual proxy!!

The freebies will arrive in your Suite after a while

Now, to receive the lamb, 

If you are from Turkey click HERE and fill the blanks, done!! 

If you are from anywhere else, you also can use the manual proxy as the other contests, OR you can use a webproxy like: or  or

Paste this into the bar of the proxy:

Hit Enter and log into Stardoll.

Fill the blanks and click 'Enter competition'. Now you can leave the proxy. The freebie will be in your suite after a while.

xoxo Mia :

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